Safeguard your business with top-notch cyber security solutions.
Protect your digital assets and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Data Governance and Security

Protect sensitive data, maintain compliance with our data governance & security services. Best practices, expert team.


Transform network security and performance with our SASE solutions. Secure access to cloud apps, protection against threats, optimized network performance.

Zero Trust

Protect your network with our Zero-Trust solutions. Proactively verify user and device identity for secure access to sensitive data. Improve security, privacy, and compliance.

Enterprise Architecture

- Transform your business with our Enterprise Architecture services. Align technology with business goals for improved efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. Optimize IT infrastructure and processes for digital transformation.

Multi Cloud

Protect your data across all clouds with our comprehensive Multi-Cloud Network Security solutions. Ensuring privacy, compliance, and resilience with integrated security. Enjoy multi-cloud benefits with peace of mind.

In this digital age, preemptively identifying risk is imperative. Enhance your digital framework with ongoing threat protection in a way that is safe, secure and sustainable.


How we differ

For improving offensive capabilities
that improves defense and reduces risk

Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks with Our Proactive Cyber Security Solutions.

Ensure a Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to Cyber Security: Our Solutions Can Be Seamlessly Integrated into Your Existing Systems.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Solutions: Investing in the Latest Advancements to Meet Your Needs.

Meeting or Exceeding Industry Standards: Ensuring Compliance, Protecting Sensitive Data with Our Thoughtfully Designed Solutions.

Expert Support and Consultation: Maximize Your Investment with Our Team of Experienced Cyber Security Specialists.

Cost-Efficient Cyber Security Solutions: Affordable Pricing Models Without Sacrificing Quality.


Is Zero Trust Unimplementable?

I won’t bore you with explaining everything about the Zero Trust manifesto. But I believe ZT must be looked at for its successes or the apparent multitude of documented failures. It reminds me of the Harvard Balanced Score Card. Great idea; but wholly impractical. For those unfamiliar GSA has an excellent guideline on ZT Architecture […]

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<strong>MITRE ATT&amp;CK Hunter-Killer Cyber Strategy Adoption Is Imperative</strong>

The author Alexander Dore worked in Military Flight Test based out of Edwards AFB and New Naval Stealth Technology out of Pearl Harbor for many years. Dore also worked on the development of virtual manufacturing and embedded security on the F-32 Joint strike Fighter (JSF) development with Dassault Systemes and IBM. Dore also worked with […]

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The Importance of Cybersecurity in Today&#8217;s Digital Age

As technology continues to develop and more of our daily activities shift online, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern. With the growing amount of cyber dangers, it is more vital than ever to take precautions to safeguard yourself and your personal data. In this digital age, cybersecurity is no longer only a worry for organisations, […]

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